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Introducing the Hunter Education Sight-in / Range Simulation Target. The perfect tool for teaching youngsters the skill of proper scope zeroing and subsequent ethical shot placement for whitetail deer hunting.

This target will walk you through and teach you how to sight in a rifle with a scope using the most effective method for deer hunting.

Designed by a military expert rifle marksman, the target uses the Point Blank Range targeting method for a no-hold-over crosshair alignment for centerfire deer rifle calibers up to .30 cal.It is a ballistic fact that when a standard scoped deer hunting rifle is zeroed at 25 yards, most centerfire deer rifle calibers up to .30 cal will maintain the bullet's tragectory arc within the "kill zone" of a deer up to about 300 yards when the rifle is aimed at the dead center of the kill zone.  This target utilizes that ballistic truth to give you a no-holdover point of aim in the field. 

This 25-yard 18x24" target includes a calibrated scope-zeroing target, plus images of live whitetail deer properly scaled to simulate actual shot ranges from 100 to 300 yards.

The scope-zeroing circular portion of the target is labeled with suggested scope click adjustments for the 25-yard range so you won't waste any shots guessing how many clicks to move the scope's crosshairs. This feature alone will pay for the cost of the targets by saving you money on the ever-rising cost of ammo.

Once zeroed, take aim at the images of whitetail deer and coach your youngster for proper shot placement. As they become proficient at the 100-yard image, move over to the 200-yard image, then the 300-yard image. These simulated deer images are also useful in realizing the accuracy limitations of the firearm, and the skills of the shooter on long distance shots. Seasoned hunting veterans may also find that they too should just let that 300-yard deer walk on by rather that take an unethical, poorly placed shot.

This 25-yard target is perfect for indoor ranges, or ranges where distance is limited due to geography. It also keeps your heartbeat low by saving you all those steps having to walk back and forth to a 100-yard target.

Purchase a 10 pack of targets and we will Include FREE the Target Shooter's Ruler:  Take the guesswork out of scope click adjustments with The Target Shooter's Ruler.

How many times have you been trying to sight-in your scope at short distances and shooting up almost a whole box of ammo just to get zeroed in? With today's ammo prices, that can be a costly shooting session. The Target Shooter's Ruler can get you sighted-in in as little as one shot.

No math calculations to figure, no confusing slide rule devises, no guesswork. Just place the appropriate distance scale on the target after your first shot and get a direct readout of how many clicks to move the scope for windage (L,R), and then do the same for elevation (Up, Dn).

The Target Shooter's Ruler is just as useful on any target whether you're shooting at commercially printed targets or just an old piece of cardboard. It folds in half to the size of a standard business card so it is easily stored in your wallet and is instantly available whenever you need it and can be used over and over again. Designed for 1/4 MOA scopes and calibrated with scales for 25, 50, 75, & 100 yards, The Target Shooter's Ruler will satisfy the demands for most all shooters.

You get 10 Hunter Education Targets and a Target Shooter's Ruler for $20 plus S/H by contacting Midsouth Photographic, 2711 Paula Drive, Jonesboro, AR 72404, (870) 932-4454.

You can also purchase them on eBay by clicking HERE.

This  target answers the question; How to sight in a rifle?  It is also the most useful rifle target on the market today.  Most all other targets are nothing more than a peice of paper with a bullseye printed on it   -   Heck!  I can do that with a peice of cardboard and a magic marker.

This is an interactive, educational, money saving shooting accessory with advantages far beyond that of a standard paper target.

If you really want to save money while shooting it.  Use a 22LR rifle to train your youngster on shot placement on the images of the deer.  (Just remember that the target is otherwise designed for centerfire deer rifle calibers up to .30 cal).

 (Let me caution you that an AR-15 style rifle, or any rifle that requires an extremely high scope mount can not be effectively zeroed using this technique due to the extreme parallax difference between the bore and the optical center of the scope!!!! )   It is reserved for traditional sporting style rifles with low profile scopes that are about 1.5 inches above the bore when measured from the center of the bore to the optical center of the scope.  As with any scope zeroing technique, consult a good ballistics calculator to determine your particular rifle's requirements.

Both the Hunter Education Target and the Target Shooter's Ruler are protected by the Copyright laws of the United States.  Unauthorized reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited and subject to penalty.